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Mets Vs. Yankees

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ESPN & TK99 are taking listeners down to New York to see a baseball game! Go see the Yankees take on the Mets at Citi Field on 6/10/2018. Frank's Franks Tours will provide the 40 luxury passenger-bus will bring you to & from the game, we will do the driving so you can enjoy the ride (& you don’t have to worry about parking / traffic / gas / tolls) on the Bob's True Value bus.

Date: June 10th, 2018
Where: Citi Field
What: Yankees vs Mets
What you get: Package includes round trip transportation for one person + one ticket in the 501 section to the game. 21+ to ride on the bus. You don't pay gas, tolls or parking!

Roundtrip transportation w/ Ticket Package per person: $115

12:00 pm Departure June 10th @ Galaxy Media 235 Walton St. Syracuse NY, 13202

You’ll leave your vehicle at & be returned to the same location at the conclusion of the trip.

You will receive your ticket to the game when you arrive at the bus stop June 10th from an ESPN/TK99 staff member.

A general bus waiver will be required by passenger to sign when you get on the bus but it includes: 1) alcohol / food consumption to be kept to a minimum, please be respectful of the bus - no glass containers & space is limited so only small 6-pack coolers allowed. In-ability or abuse of this privilege will lead to an additional fine for cleaning 2) If your alcohol consumption impairs your ability to walk you will no longer be allowed to be on the bus 3) Strict no smoking / drugs (of any kind) policy - no E-CIGS on the bus…. Breaking any of these easy-to-follow rules, may result in your removal from the bus. So just plan on having fun, but behaving & following these rules.

Please make sure when you purchase your package, you fill out all info with phone number & email so we can be in contact to verify your pick up location.
If you have any additional questions please call Paul Scibilia 315-472-9111