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Tour of Fear - SYRACUSE

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This Halloween season, for one night only on October 6th - KROCK is doing a tour of 3 Halloween haunts! Hale's Transportation luxury passenger bus will drive you to the stops - you just have to do the screaming!


Date: Saturday October 6, 2018
Drop-off/Pick-up: Destiny USA (Cheesecake Factory entrance)
What: Tour of Fear - SYRACUSE, package includes round-trip transportation & admission to the following:
- CONTAINMENT, Shoppingtown Mall
- FRIGHTMARE FARMS, Fulton (2 attractions)

18+ to ride on the TOUR OF FEAR

Check-in 10/6 : 6pm @ Destiny USA (location TBD)

You’ll leave your vehicle at Destiny USA & we'll go back there to end the night. We'll have you home by midnight so you don't turn into a pumpkin.

You will receive a wristband from a KROCK staff member to admit you to the nights attractions.


CONTAINMENT: There has been rapidly spreading cases of a rare, brain damaging virus that is causing panic throughout Central NY, The Governor's Office instituted Martial Law and is requiring all citizens to bar themselves inside your homes, or seek your closest emergency shelter, your closest shelter by you is Shoppingtown Mall. Please bring only your bare essentials. death tolls are on the rise. Do not use the streets, as they are reserved for Emergency personnel only. MORE DETAILS: http://frightmarefarms.net/

FRIGHTMARE FARMS: It's a scream park that comes alive with the living dead at night! Filled with many different haunts, this is one of CNY's premiere places to get scared! MORE DETAILS: http://frightmarefarms.net/

MUSEUM OF INTRIGUE: Rise of the Dark One - Can you send the monster back to where it came from? One of our staff members dabbled in the dark arts and summoned a dangerous force within the museum. investigate and undo the rituals before the monster catches you... are you brave enough to face the darkness? MORE DETAILS: https://www.museumofintrigue.com/

A general bus waiver will be required by passenger to sign when you get on the bus but it includes: 1) alcohol / food consumption to be kept to a minimum, please be respectful of the bus - no glass containers. In-ability or abuse of this privilege will lead to an additional fine for cleaning 2) If your alcohol consumption impairs your ability to walk you will no longer be allowed to be on the bus 3) Strict no smoking / drugs (of any kind) policy - no E-CIGS on the bus…. Breaking any of these easy-to-follow rules, may result in your removal from the bus. So just plan on having fun, but behaving & following these rules.


Please make sure when you purchase your package, you fill out all info with phone number & email so we can be in contact to verify your pick up location.

If you have any additional questions please email krockpd@galaxycommunications.com or call Marissa 315-472-9111